Amsterdam on 4/20!😊

So for my birthday last year I got myself a trip to Amsterdam for 4/20 2018. I painted the town red for sure lol. Here are some of my highlights...😁

Day 1 in Amsterdam
Loud and Proud! I crash landed coming in hot haha

First Stop Coffee Shops

Of course we had to get our caffeine fix first lol.😉 


If you order a pre-roll at a coffee shop in Amsterdam be prepared to smoke tobacco as well. Yes, they do spliffs!

Best Memories off the top of my head:

  1. Albert Cuyp Market

  2. The open bar canal cruise during sunset

  3. Thuishaven Music Festival

  4. Tastings at Wynand Fockink 

  5. The 420 sex show at CASA ROSSO

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