Directed, Filmed, Produced, Edited by Finding Fina Films


Jay Wayne Allen

Courtney Bres James

Rachel Citron

Mike Shoenfeld

Kym Whitehead

Shy Ronnie Miller

Gerson Guitterez

Candy Villesca

Mr. Bojangles

Finding Fina

Script Contributions/Appearances by:


Courtney Bres James

Kenneth Hoffman

Justin Baldassare

Jeremy Harrell

Jessica Soukp

Beth Bryse

Russ Buyse Crbuyse

Grace Mcdonald

Annie Anzaldua's @thefwordgiftshop

Kristen Bonett

Brenton Kim

Marcellina Kampa

Taylor Williams with Western Youth

Vanessa Crook's @shoprealm Austin

Beto patches from Fort Lonesome

Hosting by Jet Or Not Management 

Narrator voiceover:

Kenneth Hoffman

Music performed, mixed & mastered by:

Tate Mayeux & James Moritz

Lyrics inspired by:

Finding Fina


Social Media Consultant: 

Carlos Cavazos @askcarlos

Special thanks to the folks at Cheer up Charlies for helping throw the event and Courtney Bres James for being an amazing hostess and raising over $11,000 for Beto in one day! This film tells her story and others people's contributions to the campaign between August and September 2018. All people in this film are unpaid volunteers who want Beto elected! Everyone contributed in their own special way and I am so thankful to have had the chance to work with everyone on this. I'm moved by how many people came out to help me create this. And yes, the rumors are true...there will be a sequel. Filming starts ASAP so please reach out to me if you would like to be a part of the magic!