Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs of life coaching?

Life coaching sessions are $135 per session or as agreed under 6 month to 1 year contract. 

Do you accept insurance?

Sorry, I currently do not accept insurance. However I have seen clients on a sliding scale based on low-income. Please contact me and I will put you on the waiting list. Proof of low-income is required. 

Where will our session take place?

Depending on the client's preferred method of communication the session can take place in person, over video conference, or phone call. I do not conduct sessions via email or text. The majority of my clients prefer video phone calls.

Is this the same thing as counseling or therapy?

No! Life coaching is about empowering the individual by allowing the client to be accountable for the decision making process. I am not a licensed counselor or therapist and I do not prescribe medications. I can refer an amazing online therapist or mentor if I determine your needs are outside the scope of life coaching. 

What are the benefits of life coaching?

Reaching goals you have been unable to complete in the past, learning a new way of accountability thinking, understanding your self-motivators, taking charge of your own life and manifesting your destiny into reality! 

How do I know if I need life coaching?

My clients range from stay at home parents to business owners, teachers, recently divorced, recently unemployed, musicians, artists, and young professionals. I have experience with many different situations ranging from personal to professional. If you're unsure please reach out to me for your first explosive session! I would be happy to determine if life coaching would benefit you. 

What exactly is a life coaching relationship?

A life coaching relationship is based on trust, open communication, and accountability. It is a method for acquiring self-motivation and a way for you to reach personal or professional goals that have seemed unattainable in the past.  

How long does each session last?

Each session typically lasts between 45 minutes to an hour depending on the clients needs. 

Do I have to sign a contract?

After the first session, I may recommend a plan that would require anywhere between 3-12 sessions. A contract is required for any plan over 3 sessions. 

How many clients do you have? 

I currently have a small handful of clients: 6 per month. As a new business I look forward to growing my client base in 2019. Sign up for your first explosive session today! 

I travel often. Can I still maintain a life coach?

Yes! I admire mobility and I can conduct session via Skype, FaceTime, or Googlehangouts if needed. Most clients prefer phone calls or face to face video sessions however I can accommodate any travel plans with notice. 

How long will it take me to reach my goals?

Every client's needs are different but the average length of treatment plans are 6 months. During your treatment plan you can expect goal-setting, personal growth, and behavior modification. 

What is your educational background?

Life Coach Training Institute 2017-2018

Masters in Public Policy Managment 2010-2014

Bachelors in Government 2005-2010

Associate in Liberal Arts 2006-2008

from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Are there any cons to life coaching?

I have yet to experience any downfalls to life coaching! I will screen you during our first session to make sure my services are appropriate for your needs. I can recommend a therapist or mentor if you require consultation outside of the scope of life coaching. 

What inspired you to be a life coach?

I always wanted to have my own business helping others in a way that also afforded me the time to purse my other passions of music and film. I implore you to read more about me through my website and watch some of videos on Youtube. Furthermore, you may become a PATRON of my creative arts here: